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Kids Shoes And What To Look For.

We all want the best kids shoes for our children and parent’s are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of the health of their feet. Baby feet grow fast and older children demand the latest fashions to add to the challenge. Kids shoes face different challenges, boys shoes need to be robust enough to take playground football pounding, girls shoes need to emulate the latest fashion’s. However, they all need to have the quality to protect and promote healthy foot development.
So Why Should Kids Shoes Be Good Quality?
The vast majority of people are born with healthy feet, but only around 40% have healthy feet when they grow up.
There are many reasons for the cause of foot problems but, the most significant reason’s are due to poor footwear.
Most foot growth problems can be prevented by wearing proper footwear in childhood. Many people complain about discomfort in their feet which could be mainly prevented by wearing properly sized and quality footwear.
Kids shoes manufacture requires particular attention. A number of criteria have to be met, such as quality, functionality, comfort and design. Quality shoes assist the correct development of children’s feet whilst preserving their full function.
What Should You Look For When Buying Kids’s Shoes?
Kids shoes need to be comfortable and functional, whilst protecting a child’s foot and following its shape.
The material chosen for the kids shoes needs to be soft and natural and should not harm a child's foot. The inner material needs to absorb moistness, whilst the external material needs to repel it to keep the foot dry. These requirements are best met by top quality natural leather.

The look of the shoe is important to the modern child, but it is more important that the child's shoe harmonises with the child in all the movements. A kids shoe needs to adapt to a foot, not the foot to the shoe. 

The design of kids shoes should promote free movement enabling proper muscle operation, good blood circulation and proper foot development

Natural material uppers such as leather are best.

Check inside the shoe for seams or stitching that may cause irritation.

  • Choose shoes with laces, straps or Velcro fastenings, which secure the shoe onto the foot and provide minor adjustment for best fit comfort unlike slip on type shoes which have no adjustment.
  • A newly fitted shoe should be 5-6mm longer than the longest toe to allow for growth and movement of the foot when walking.
  • Heel height should be no more than 4cm. Lower for younger children. The heel should have a broad base for stability and be made from a shock-absorbing material.
  • The front cap part of a shoe should have sufficient width and be high enough in order to provide sufficient space for the toes.
  • The shoes should fit nicely around the heel to keep the foot from sliding forward in the shoe and restricting toe movement.
  • The inner sole should support the foot arch
    The inside of the shoe around the heel should be firm and support the foot.
  • The outer sole needs to be soft, to enable flexibility when walking and also facilitate the work of the foot muscles
  • Trainers and sport style shoes are designed and manufactured for sporting purposes and not everyday wear. Avoid the use of plimsolls in school all day, every day.
  • Hand me downs should be avoided even if in what seems reasonable condition. Shoes take on the wear pattern of the original owner and can causes issues where they have become out of shape.
  • It’s always advisable to get your child’s feet measured by a professional fitter on a regular basis.
  • Remember, different manufacturer’s shoes can have slightly different fits for a given size.

In Conclusion
Kids shoes should be soft, flexible, their shape follow the shape of a child’s foot and are made of natural materials which allow the feet muscles to work. The extended hard part at the rear of a shoe gives it firmness and also prevents outward bound rotation of a heel. The insole should have an anatomic pad that gently supports the arch of a foot.
All these things shall help look after children's feet, promoting normal growth and development whilst also minimising the prospect of foot problems.
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We try to offer quality for our customers, we hope you agree. So now take a look at our kids shoes.