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Ricosta Children's Footwear

Ricosta Der Kinderschuhe are the top German children's shoe brand and have been producing attractive designed shoes with excellent wear and fit qualities for over 40 years.

Based in Donaueschingen, Germany where the shoes are designed and developed to typical German quality engineering standards.

There are 2 brand labels, Ricosta for children and Pepino for babies and toddlers.
The shoes are manufactured in Germany and other European countries to maintain the high standards.

Garvalin Shoes

 Garvalin produce easy-to-wear childrens shoes with a clean-cut, smart-casual look with the latest styles in mind and those finishing touches that spell "quality".

There are 3 brand labels, Biomecanics with an emphasis on foot health, designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and the home brand Garvalín.

This children's shoe company is based in Elche, southeast Spain is one of the most well-known Spanish high-medium quality children footwear brands with over 40 years designing and making kids shoes which are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide blending tradition, innovation and creativity with fashion.

Launching their first collection in 1968, Garvalín now make shoes for boys and girls of all ages and create over 300 models every season and make nearly 2,000,000 girls and boys shoes every year.

Garvalin ensure quality and processing of their materials focuses on providing comfort, wellbeing and healthy growth for young feet. 

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Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Designer Kids Shoes

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada designer kids shoes contain all the ingredients full of optimism and bright vitality. The playful universe of this unique designer, make for a stunning collection where every day is special, which make them ideal girls party shoes.

Agatha started in the fashion world in 1980 and has always maintained her unique style, staying away from the trends of the main international catwalks, which has enabled her to design her own global language, a true uprising against the establishment.

All the kids shoes designs and materials are selected bearing in mind the natural development of children’s feet, giving comfort, style, support and quality to give everything parents want for their children’s feet.

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Biomecanics by Garvalin

Biomecanics is a Garvalín children's shoes brand with an emphasis on foot health.
Garvalin have spent the past 10 years engaged in exhaustive user trials and research into materials and techniques with the Biomecanics Institute of Valencia to design footwear apt for children’s development and mobility at each development stage.

Materials and components are carefully chosen for their quality and lightness, ensuring that no shoes are heavier than the proportional age appropriate weight for the childs body weight.

Biomecanics shoes incorporate the following features:

Unique perforated insole allows feet full flexibility.

Natural leathers with perforated linings to allow transpiration.

  • Inner soles incorporating Herbal treatment for beating odours, mould and bacteria.
  • Strong, comfortable, upper and lining leather.
    Side-cushioning for optimum foot protection.
  • Internal stiffener to stabilise movement.
  • Special toe-cap design to protect children's toes.
  • Long-life, high-comfort leather insole.
    Anatomical footbed design.
  • Rubber slip-proof soles.
  • Visit our Biomecanics children's shoes in the Garvalin section.

Visit our Biomecanics children's shoes in the Garvalin section.

Bobux Baby & Toddler Shoes

Bobux work practices, product development and designs, materials and packaging are governed by a comprehensive eco-friendly policy, designed with the future in mind.

In January 1991 New Zealand based designers Chris and Colleen Bennett pioneered a new footwear category when they launched a range of original and innovative ‘soft soled leather shoes that stay on’ for children under their brand.

Bobux shoes are made with a Mother nature had it right policy, supporting what nature intended allowing feet to develop free of restriction and protecting them in breathable, soft flexible leather.

There is a shoe range for each development stage from baby to active toddlers, Soft sole, pre walk and i-Walk.

Today, many imitators have copied the original Bobux soft soled shoes with the elastic ankle design concept.

Bobux International Ltd head offices are located in Auckland, New Zealand selling their products in over 30 countries world-wide including Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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An award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, designs, develops and markets lifestyle footwear that appeals to men, women and children which are into the latest fashion trends.

Founded in 1992 by Robert Greenburg, Skechers U.S.A. Inc is one of the fastest growing footwear companies in the United States, originally focusing on trendy, casual styles aimed primarily at men and women from the ages of 19 to 40.

Skechers shoes are produced internationally at factories in China, Mexico, Brazil, and Romania, which allows the company to keep the prices of its designs below those of its competitors, and are designed to appeal to younger, active, fashion-conscious consumers.

Skechers devotes much of its creative energy and revenue to flashy, highly visible celebrity-driven ad campaigns--a strategy that has helped the company grow within a matter of years to a multimillion dollar business.

In 1998 the company designs and marketed more than 900 different styles of shoes and introduced its childrens lines including the now famous 'Twinkle Toes' and 'Light Ups' style kids shoes which are really popular.

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Babybotte Children's Shoes

Babybotte children's shoes are specifically designed for comfort, support and safety. Only the best quality leathers and nubucks are used in Babybotte Footwear, combined with the latest technology for children's developing feet.

At the beginning of Bidegain S.A. (BSA) was Georges Bidegain who founded in 1936 in Pau, Southwest France, a company devoted solely to making children's shoes. A vocation that, as early as 1949 gave birth to the now famous, Babybotte.

Babybotte has been fitting babies, toddlers and children (0-4yrs) properly and helping them take their first steps. Since shoes can be responsible for real problems, that may have big consequences to children’s feet, Babybotte is dedicated to the advance technology using computer assisted technical equipment which helps with the imagination, creativity and construction of their children's shoes.

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TTY kids Shoes by Babybotte

TTY kids shoes are specifically designed for comfort, support and safety. Only the best quality leathers and nubucks are used in TTY footwear, combined with the latest technology for children's developing feet.

The success of the Babybotte quality brand put Bidegain S.A. in a leadership position in the market of first step shoes. But BSA didn’t stop at that. In 1959, the company invested in corrective shoes developing the brand "Le Loup Blanc".
In 1975 the new brand was "TROTTY" to expand the Babybotte age range for 3 to 10 year olds. The name was re-branded in 1999 by the now named TTY.

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Froddo Children's Shoes

Froddo 'Croatia Superbrand 2009'
Froddo has been awarded the Croatian highly regarded Superbrand award for their consistent production of high quality children's shoes.

Froddo kids shoe manufacture process ensures the creation of innovative, high quality and functional footwear, which allows the wearer comfort, relaxed movement and individuality from each manually processed shoe.

Froddo kids shoes are manufactured by Ivančica d.d. who’s activities started in 1946 making shoes for local miners. It is a socially responsible company that cares about the health of its consumers, focusing on continuous investments in personnel and new technologies for growth and development of the Froddo brand.

The creation process starts in the seminal environment of the company Ivančica d.d. where a team of experts constituted of its own local and Italian designers, contribute to excellence in design by selecting fashionable colours and quality materials.

Manufacture of kids shoes takes place in several quality controlled stages, handled by more than a hundred hands, from the cutting of the upper components, through to the composition of the upper shoe with the sole, ensuring the best standards are maintained.

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Beppi Kids Footwear

Beppi offers leisure, sport and comfort footwear and accessories for all the family based on informality, relaxation, quality and cheerfulness. This is especially reflected in the range of childrens shoes and footwear available.Property of the company Planitoi S.A. and founded in 1992, BEPPI is a family run company, with Jorge and Paulo Maia (Father and son) being present and active with the day to day running of the company.

The creation of the brand name originates from the BE in Beatriz and the PI in PISCO, forename and surname, respectively, of the wives of the two partners at the time, plus an extra "P" to complete the effect.

All the products are designed in Portugal by a multidisciplined team including product designers, graphic designers and illustrators. This ensures the values of the company, providing the ideal relationship between quality, fashion and price are reflected in the products themselves and including the packaging and presentation.

Beppi are now present selling kids shoes in approximately 22 countries worldwide, with main influences currently in Portugal, Spain and France and now introducing to the UK.

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