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What Are Those Symbols On My Kids Shoes Label?

Ever wondered what the symbols printed on or, attached on labels to the shoes you buy mean?

At Kids Shoes 2 U we pride ourselves on offering children's shoes that are made of the best quality materials and hope this webpage will help inform you about the EU Footwear (Indication of Composition) Labelling Regulations.
These regulations provide labelling that is standardised throughout the European Union and are designed to ensure that consumers know what type of material footwear is made of at the time of purchase.

All kids shoes and footwear must be labelled in this way except for the types below which are covered by other regulations:

• Personal protective equipment, e.g. steel toe-capped boots
• Second-hand or worn footwear
• Toy footwear
• Footwear covered by the Hazardous Materials Directive. e.g. boots containing asbestos

Labelling requirements

Customers must be able to see information about the composition of the following parts of a shoe:

• Upper
• Lining and sock
• Outer sole

The information need only be shown on one shoe of each pair. It can be shown as a pictogram or in words and must be clear and legible as shown in the tables below.

The labelling may be printed or embossed on the shoes, a sticker or a swing ticket. It must be visible, securely attached and accessible.

Composition of the Footwear

The label must show the type of material that makes up at least 80% of the following parts of the shoe:

• The surface area of the upper
• The surface area of the lining and sock
• Volume of the outer sole
If no individual material makes up 80% of the surface area or volume, the label should state the 2 main materials used in that part of the shoe.

The label does not have to mention any accessories or reinforcements used on the upper, e.g. buckles, ankle patches, edging, tabs and eyelets, and these do not have to be taken into account when the composition of the material is assessed.

Definition and corresponding pictograms or written indications concerning the parts of the footwear to be identified

Definition and corresponding pictograms of the materials

Any pictogram concerning material shall appear on the label beside the pictogram of the relevant footwear part. The dimensions of any pictograms must be sufficiently large to make it easy to understand the information. 

Pictorgrams are not always used and only a written indication is displayed. Any written indication shall be in English (For UK or local national language in other EU states).

The pictograms concerning the materials should appear on the label beside the pictograms relating to the 3 parts of the footwear as specified in the table above.